Lionel is one of the skilled, experienced and widely published professional authors who help new writers with their work. In this capacity he frequently works via the Welsh Academy who help new writers by finding a professional like Lionel to advise and encourage them by going through their work with them.
His years of teaching adult students as well as those of school age combines with his knowledge of writing techniques to make him especially helpful to new and aspiring authors. Lionel has conducted many highly successful writers’ workshops over the years and is always happy to be invited to conduct anything from an evening workshop, to a full day’s workshop, or a complete week-end’s workshop. He is also prepared to conduct these writers’ workshops as regular weekly tutorial sessions. Points for new writers include constructing a narrative, characterisation, settings and style.
Lionel is equally happy to coach and assist new writers on an individual, one-to-one tutorial basis. Many years of academic English teaching and examining, as well as his own professional writing, and his work as a full time journalist have provided him with a wealth of varied literary skills which he enjoys sharing with his students. Full details of workshop fees and expenses are available from Patricia.