Numerous examples of Lionel’s poetry are to be found in the many Bishopsgate Books that he wrote, and there is also an anthology of his work entitled “Earth, Sea and Sky”. From the professional, academic perspective, Lionel was Head of the English Department at Hellesdon High School near Norwich, Norfolk, for many years, and was also an English examiner for several Public Examination Boards. He is able to approach poetry both as a prize-winning published poet and an academic critic and analyst. He is most happy to give readings of his own work, and to conduct poetry workshops for aspiring poets who are interested in learning more about the techniques of writing poetry. His most recent success was being judged the joint winner of the 2009 New Year Poetry Competition organised by The Fellowship of the Knights of King Arthur. This is that winning poem, co-written with Patricia:--

Lancelot and Guinevere

We threw the gauntlet down to challenge Fate:
Loving each other more than King or State.
A love that burned like ours could never end:
She was his Queen – I was his trusted friend.

He should have understood and let her go --
Sent her to me because I loved her so.

Then from afar, the desperate news I learned:
Accused of treason – sentenced to be burned.
What fiend incarnate could do that to her?
By day and night I spared not steed nor spur.

There in the market square the scene was set –
Tied to the stake: but no fire lit as yet.
I galloped through the weeping, watching throng:
My sword slashed through her bonds –and we were gone.

Let bards and minstrels tell their formal tales.
Yet facts are facts – at last the truth prevails.
No cold, bleak nunnery kept me from her charms
We’re still together in each other’s arms.

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