Funeral Services


There is a very serious side to our work in addition to the fun, excitement and challenge of most of what we do. In the course of some twenty years as an ordained Anglican Priest, Lionel has conducted a great many funeral services, as well as writing and lecturing on how help and sympathy can most effectively be given to bereaved families and friends.

In addition to his Ordination Examinations, he is an academic theologian, with an Advanced Mains Distinction from Cambridge Institute of Education, taken when he was at Norwich Teachers’ Training College.
His depth of knowledge and experience are essential where there are difficult or unusual circumstances associated with a particular bereavement.

Lionel is always prepared to help Funeral Directors by conducting services for them when something special is needed.

Distance is no object, and he is prepared to travel anywhere. He is not in the least concerned about denominational differences, or even differences of faith – including Humanism, believing that there are as many roads to the loving God of all mankind as there are individual human beings. He regards the whole of God’s universe as one Parish and pays no attention to the trivial, ecclesiastical bureaucracy which worries about so-called parish boundaries.