As well as his serious academic, educational, theological, philosophical and management science lectures, Lionel is also in demand as an entertaining after-dinner speaker and comedian.

When working as an after-dinner speaker he covers a number of lighter, humorous topics including:--

  1. Oddities, curiosities and things that shouldn’t have happened.
  2. Adventures with two wheels and a big engine.
  3. Life as a journalist: drop the dead donkey.
  4. Life as a teacher.
  5. What is education really about?
  6. Show-biz reminiscences.
  7. Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy.
  8. A Vaultful of Horror Stories
  9. History of Humour
  10. What is Humour?
  11. Jokes Old and New
  12. Eccentric Characters
  13. Weird Folklore and Strange Superstitions
  14. Myths, Legends and Tales Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:
  15. Where are we going – and why?
  16. The Ugly Head of Ageism needs Decapitating
  17. Strange Words, Quaint Phrases and a few tricks with numbers
  18. The great ‘Ifs’ of History. Things might have been so different.
  19. The Old Norfolk Dialect and a few Norfolk Stories Poetry can be Fun!
  20. Stand up and be Counted! Defend your own Opinion!

Details of fees and expenses and booking arrangements for these after-dinner talks from, Patricia