Charity Rowathon

Lionel received this request from a friend who knows the rowers to publicise their Rowathon on our website to help the Army Benevolent Fund.Those friends who have supported the RTTW (Ride to the Wall) at which Lionel conducted the memorial service in aid of services charities, may be interested in supporting this very worthwhile Rowathon by the Lucknow Officer Cadets of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, for the Army Benevolent Fund.

The cadets training at the Royal Academy Sandhurst in Lucknow platoon (platoon for cadets who are injured during training) have organised and are participating in a 24 hour Rowathon outside the Tesco in Camberley. Cadets from the platoon will be rowing on and off for 24 hours from midday on Friday the 6th of November to raise money for the Army Benevolent Fund. If you would like to support the recovering cadets in their 24 hour Rowathon to raise money for the Army Benevolent Fund, donations would be very welcome. Information about the Rowathon and online donations for the Rowathon can be found online at

Alexander Gannon the organiser of the event and his fellow cadets would be very grateful for any support they receive, and will be working very hard rowing to help raise as much as they can.