The Fanthorpes’ Christmas Saga December 2010

The Fanthorpes' Christmas Saga 2010
Maurice and Steph began our New Year well:
A lovely lunch with them, we're glad to tell.
Fiona, whom we're always pleased to see,
Paid us a visit here in February.
To celebrate Jane's birthday off we went
With Moz and Steph a lovely time we spent.
Renewed their Wedding Vows for Tom and Rose -
It's good to have such caring friends as those.
My birthday next on February nine
With Iain and Fiona - a great time.
Then came one of my frequent broadcast deeds:
A programme for my friends at Radio Leeds.
To Newport Speedway then at their request -
To wish them well and have their race-track blessed.
On unsolved mysteries and such conjecture -
For friends in Women's Circle gave a lecture.
Fiona came from Gloucester for the day:
Then to the Wenallt Chapel we're away.
Conducting service there upon Palm Sunday -
Then back to all our routine work on Monday.
When April came more lectures to be done -
For Gloria Yates we did a morning one.
Then for the Women's Institute that night:
Always a pleasure when our friends invite.
Stayed at the Bell Hotel in Thetford town -
Stories of hauntings there bring them renown.
Then on to Old Hamondians' annual dinner -
A lovely meal - we don't get any thinner!
Next with Siobhan for Radio Glastonbury
A weekly treat to broadcast there for me.
There's a new film out about Robin Hood:
Patricia went with Steph - and it was good!
There came a call to Surrey next in May -
To do an exorcism down that way.
Fiona came down for a welcome break
With her and Steph we fed ducks on the lake.
In June King Arthur's Dinner meal went well
We stayed at Wooton's Country style Hotel
Down in Tintagel, it's the very best:
Delicious meals and comfortable rest.
Called to Thorpe Park where many people said
The "Saw" was haunted - could it be the dead?
We exorcised the ride and blessed the site -
Since then it seems that everything's all right!
Lectured at Mensa's Worcester mystery show
Then to our Gloucester family we go.
City Talk Radio I broadcast for
On mysteries unsolved - did several more!
Snooker with Steph and Moz in Riley's halls
We need more practice with the snooker balls!
Lectured in Ely library in Trelai.
I worked in Ely in days long gone by.
With good friends Terry Pratchett and Rob Snow
To Shaftsbury's Oxfam Bookshop next we go.
Then off to Stephanie's for her birthday treat:
Delicious cakes and goodies there we eat.
Caerleon University I lectured next
"How to Write Novels" was my central text.
Lectured for Marje and Basil's Charity
And then enjoyed their hospitality.
In August all the family came to call -
Went with Patricia to the Shopping Mall.
A bikers' Wedding next I blessed at Brecon
Lennie and Angie tied the knot we reckon.
Refreshments followed at the burger bar:
Bikers need food when they have ridden far!
Another item that we have to mention -
I love to speak at the Discworld Convention.
To Croydon next to stay with Dave and John
Then blessings for Terri and Cameron.
I did a broadcast hour for ‘Coast to Coast':
George Noory is a perfect radio host.
September comes - the Jumbo Run is in -
Plus hospitality from Pete and Lynn.
If all the fun we had you'd like to see:
Just use your Internet: "Jumbo GB".
BBC Derby next. October second
Patricia's birthday meal and we are beckoned
By Moz and Steph who care for us so well.
"Big Book of Mysteries" we're pleased to tell
Has just been published by our friends Dundurn
Turn to our website - details there you'll learn.
Go the shop site, all our books' array -
And Paypal's a convenient way to pay!
UNISON lecture next in County Hall
On Hallowe'en traditions there I call.
Fiona, Iain, Zac and Katie came -
Fiona's earning quite a running name.
With several hundred others she has gone
Supporting charity half Marathon!
Then Taylor Herring radio day we see --
Promoting "Supernatural DVD"
The Series Five - a thrilling, tense display --
Also available upon Blue-ray!
Hogwatch, Wincanton, Bernard's invitation.
Hurrah for Terry Pratchett's great creation!
Sunday, December fifth, up to Thornhill,
Christmas Memorial Service to fulfil.
Family and friends whose Earthly work is done:
Remember them and pray for every one.
Royal Signals Dinner on December eight -
Great company and great food upon the plate!
The Blue Knights Dine - December seventeen:
Then Grandson Zac will celebrate eighteen!