The Fanthorpes’ Christmas Saga December 2005

The start of this New Year was truly great:
Steph, Moz, Fiona – Iain, Zac and Kate.
Radio shows with early morning toast:
Radio Wales and more on Coast to Coast;
Birthday came round: delicious things to eat –
Family surprised me with a birthday treat!
Valentine’s Day – big GMTV show:
Renewing wedding vows for a long row:
Of happy couples celebrating love –
And fifty years together – some above!
Lunch with our Moz and Steph on Easter Day.
Fiona, Zac and Katie came to stay.
Then Malvern for the Mensa weekend’s lecture:
We spoke on Templar mysteries and conjecture.
We lectured to the Probus Club in May,
Then to the George and Dragon, Wycombe way.
We filmed the story there of ghostly Sue,
An 18th century barmaid. Is it true?
Strange goings on the witnesses have seen:
Most curious, yes – her ghost it could have been!
In June for dinner to King Arthur’s Hall
In Tintagel – great time was had by all!
Our Templar Mysteries book came out this spring
They’re selling well – and that’s a welcome thing!
Canadian Book Fair next, and after that
Lake Eyrie home of Alf, and Mark and Pat.
Heaven and Earth Show then for BBC –
It’s on a Sunday, Channel One TV,
Followed by Steve McCormack’s radio slot
Regular Kentish audience there we’ve got.
Stephanie’s Birthday walk in late July –
(It’s not my greatest venture, but I try!
When those you love like walking, you must go,
And if your feet hurt, never let them know!)
Intense research work next, done for Sky travel –
Engaged by Taylor Herring – to unravel
Which parts of the UK statistically
Accommodate most unsolved mystery.
Then down to Eden Project for This Morning,
TV discussion on the Big Cat warning –
About the dark and silent Bodmin Beast
That has been sighted in both west and east.
In August, Coast to Coast on radio heading,
Then celebrated Ryan and Zoe’s wedding.
To Hever next a lovely break to spend
With Ian and family for a long weekend.
Clay pigeon shooting – I’m an average gun –
A long, long way behind his brilliant son!
And on another very happy day
They took us walking down the Pilgrim’s Way.
Broadcast again on New York radio
Did unsolved mysteries on Joe Salzone’s show.
Dave Everson, our friend, from London way,
Brought gifts galore that really made our day.
Though walking’s something I don ’t really like,
We went with Steph and Moz to Offa’s Dike:
A two–day trip by mountain stream and bog –
Arriving home with an exhausted Frog!
Wedding of Tim and Meg – so pleased to greet ’em –
Conducted service in the Arboretum.
As Patron of the famed Jumbo GB,
I do their Annual Run most happily.
This year to Drayton Manor Park we went
A happy day with all the children spent.
Lectured at Techniquest for the weekend
Marvellous place when you have time to spend.
Patricia’s Birthday meal in Baron’s Court
And all the family came in her support.
Caerphilly Poetry Day – and students came –
Encouraging young poets is our aim!
Then off to Norfolk, Jarrolds Norwich signing,
At Babs and Theo’s place we were reclining.
They both looked after us – a proper treat –
And filled us with delicious things to eat!
Norfolk again, on Gothic themes we spoke,
Then John and Barbara’s memories to evoke.
Next Jim and Anna turned out to support
Our Watton lecture of mysterious sort.
Then lunch with them in Wymondham.Made our way
To Gloucester next before the close of day.
Fiona, Iain, Zac and Katie too
Looked after us the way they always do.
Our latest book’s on Castle Mysteries –
We hope the reading public it will please!
At Margam Park: the ASSAP AGM –
We’re proud and honoured to belong to them.
Cardiff Academy, great place to teach,
Guiding the students to attain their reach.
Superb their Christmas Dinner at the Bay –
Fine ending to the term and to the day.
The Wenallt Chapel ’leventh of December
I preach at Thornhill Service, to remember
Loved ones who’ve gone ahead to joy and light,
To share unending life and pure delight.
So that’s the saga done for this full year.
We wish you Christmas happiness and cheer.
May New Year bring prosperity and pleasure,
And may you all enjoy the things you treasure.
We send our warmest wishes, once again,

Patricia, Lionel and his sister Jane.

Lionel, Patricia and Jane Fanthorpe,
“Rivendell” 48 Claude Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3QA
Telephone: 02920-498368
Fax: 02920-496832

Politically Correct Christmas
Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe December 24th 2004

God rest ye, merry gentlefolk,
When carols ye select
Be certain that your lyrics are
Politically correct –
To gender and ethnicity
Take care to genuflect.
Theological Thought Police will bring
What we may sing
Oh, they’ll soon tell us what we may sing!

Three cheers for good Queen Wenceslas,
Who faced the snowflakes’ whirl –
Accompanied on that journey by
Her fearless young page girl.
While glamorous Ms Christmas
Round each chimney does a twirl.
Theological Thought Police will bring
What we may sing
Oh, they’ll soon tell us what we may sing!

The shepherdesses in the fields
Guard lambs from prowling beast,
While on three camels soon appear
Wise Women from the East –
Of evil Queen Herodias
It’s best to say the least.
Theological Thought Police will bring
What we may sing
Oh, they’ll soon tell us what we may sing!