The Fanthorpes’ Christmas Saga December 2015

Stephanie came too, and helped us navigate –
At finding places there I am not great!
Fiona, on the 27th May,
Came over and gave us a lovely day.
We ate our lunch at café owned by Ed,
Then to the lake where hungry ducks we fed.
And after that slowly back home we strayed,
Where Rummikub and other games were played.
On June the sixth down to Tintagel went.
King Arthur Dinner – truly great event.
On June the 20th we had much fun  -
Grand-daughter Katie was then twenty-one!
July 11th  Neath for  Paracon   --
I lectured for them till the day was gone.
July the twenty-first – nothing by half –
Our lovely daughters took us to Penarth.
Went on the pier, then games and fish and chips.
We do so much enjoy these family trips.
On Stephanie’s birthday – July twenty-five --
At Brecon Beacons we did all arrive.
Their Solarscope was vivid and inviting –
We found that looking through it was exciting.
September seventh: that was simply great
Our Wedding Anniversary -- fifty-eight!
Caerphilly Castle, first part of our plan --
Then a delicious meal in the Bozan.
September 8th phone show with “Coast to Coast”
Our friend George Noory is a first-class host.
October first brought friends from USA.
We met them at the Castle that fine day.
Patricia’s birthday on October second –
Another trip to Cardiff Castle beckoned.
Patricia went along with Stephanie –
Then in the evening to the Carvery.
October 4th Half Marathon event –
Cheered Iain and Fiona as they went!
October 31st was Hallowe’en
That day in Hereford upon the green
For Cat and Ewan I did bless their Wedding
In open air with golden sunlight spreading.
Our latest book’s called “Padfoot” – 
it abounds With curious tales of ghostly dogs and hounds.
Its publishers are The King’s England Press
And Meltham Road in Lockwood’s their address.
On the Memorial November days
I took Remembrance Service in Cathays.
November 28th we hope to be
In Gloucester  sharing feast with family --
They have to do it early because they
Will be in Africa on Christmas Day.
December six -- the plans say that I will
Conduct the Christmas Service at Thornhill.
On Christmas Day itself we plan to be
Sharing the day with Moz and Stephanie.
So that’s the Fanthorpe Saga once again:
Best wishes from us all – including Jane.