The Fanthorpes’ Christmas Saga December 2011

We did a broadcast as the year began

For Siobhan Peal upon the nineteenth Jan.

Fiona came to visit for the day.

We love it when the family come to stay.

Jane's birthday – and to Longford Lane we went

A great surprise for her – a day well spent.

Then Lionel's birthday – that's in Feb again –

Went out to lunch and ate with might and main!

Our old friend Ian Watson came to stay;

Caught up with news and had a splendid day.

Broadcast for Dark Conspiracy by phone

To USA with different time zone.

Again in March a Radio Suffolk show;

Then to baptise to Bedwas Chapel go.

Another of this March's broadcasts deeds:

A show to help our friends at Radio Leeds.

For Colonel Brennan in the USA,

Scripted a film to help him on his way.

We went to Katie's baptism at Gloucester

With other friends upon her church's roster.

Lectured in London for the SPR

Then to the Skirrid Inn – it's not too far,

A lovely hostess and a first rate host.

Delicious food and drink – tales of a ghost –

In April made the most of Mother' Day –

Stephanie and Maurice hosted the array.

We did an April show for Coast to Coast.

George Noory is a perfect radio host.

Conducted wedding next: Simon and Dawn

In Birmingham where Jumbo Club was born.

Stayed overnight with Peter and with Lyn

They're very generous friends who take us in.

Next came another Radio Suffolk show.

It's good to work upon their radio.

Then off to Steph and Moz – a lovely tea –

We played games afterwards enjoyably.

May came around; months move like windmill sails,

And Lionel did a show for Radio Wales.

Researched in the Scole Inn for future book

But saw no ghosts – despite a careful look.

Also in May to Swaffham we set forth,

Along with colleagues from South, East and North.

It was the school reunion once again

For all the seasoned old Hamondian men.

A lecture next for Friends of Cemetery,

Who keep the graveyard as it ought to be.

Then Coast to Coast again: always delighted –

To broadcast there whenever we're invited.

And now it's June – King Arthur's Annual Dinner:

A great society, Tintagel's winner.

Fiona came to stay in warm July

But had to make an early start, and why?

Collecting Zac and friends from Swansea way.

Then Lionel's on BBC Wales next day

August arrived and on the 8th we went

To Steph and Moz where a great time was spent

They entertained us to a glorious feast.

Later we went to Yoxall further East;

Then off to London Eye -- a glorious day --

With Stephanie and Fiona all the way.

Then off to Stratford for a filming parcel;

And after that research in Warwick Castle.

Caravan Club all rallied at Bridgend

A pleasant service there with them we spend.

At Ogmore for John Watkins' barbecue:

Delicious food and drink and lovely view.

Conducted Wedding Blessing next in Kent

For David's family and friends we went.

And then to Craig-y-Nos for Rob and Jenny:

Another happy couple's ceremony.

Our anniversary next – day to remember --

Fifty-four years on seventh of September

Steph and Fiona shared our Chinese meal

The Happy Gathering restaurant is ideal.

The second weekend in September came

ASSAP in Bath has thirty years of fame.

Jumbo in Birmingham has twenty more.

Their fiftieth anniversary is the score!

As President of both we had to be

Appearing at each anniversary.

Fiona came and ran round Roath Park Lake –

Her training for a marathon's at stake.

We ambled slowly round – fed ducks and geese:

The lake's a thing of beauty, joy and peace.

Patricia's birthday on October second –

Beautiful weather: to Torquay we're beckoned.

Then BBC on Extra Radio Four:

Seventh Dimension show – we hope for more.

In Flemingston, of poetry we tell:

A joy to hear our poems read so well!

Fiona ran in her half-marathon,

Then we spent a weekend with Dave and John.

Our friends in Croydon care for us so well:

They're just like family if the truth we tell.

November: up to Portland Place we go –

Presenting once again for radio.

Fiona came again – fed geese once more –

They very nearly pulled us from the shore!

Guests at the Royal Signals Christmas Dinner

A lovely meal – we never shall get slimmer!

December: London BBC once more --

Seventh Dimension show on Radio Four.

Christmas Memorial Service at Thornhill

Then Blue Knights dinner where we eat our fill.

So that's the saga done for this full year.

We wish you Christmas happiness and cheer.

May New Year bring prosperity and pleasure

And may you all enjoy the things you treasure.